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Starting a career in Photography can be a pain without key information on building a successful business. Here is a list of some really good books for todays starting photographers.


The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media

By Lindsey Adler and Rosh Sillars

A Digital Photographer’s Guide to Model Releases

By Dan Heller

The Portrait Photographer’s Lighting Style Guide

By James Cheadle and Peter Travers

The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big light from Small Flashes

By Joe McNally

Building Your Photography Business

By Vik Orenstein

Light: Science and Magic

By Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, and Paul Fuqua

Exhibiting Photography

By Shirley Read

Night and Low Light Photography

By Jill Waterman

Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer

By Tad Crawford

Diy Photography Home Studio Photography

By Udi Tirosh

Visual Poetry

By Chris Orwig

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Great news! I’ve change my Blog url to tonymharris.com/blog. I’m slowly updating the domain, but all the post made on this blog will be on the new blog. See you soon!


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